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 Have you ever felt something was missing when you look at your bland paper résumé? Well, maybe it is missing an extra kick. These examples of extremely creative résumés will completely blow any traditional notion of CVs out of the water. Click on to see them and get inspired。每当你看着你那平淡无奇的纸质简历时,会不会觉得少了点什么?唔,或许是缺少了某种神来之笔。以下这些极其富有创造力的简历将会彻底颠覆你对简历的理解。点击下一页看看都有些啥吧,可以顺便借鉴下别人的想法哦。   Chocolate Bar巧克力棒   A redditor posted a picture of a friend's résumé chocolate bar。一位reddit用户(redidit是个社交新闻站点)上传了他一位朋友的巧克力棒简历。   "Nick," the job applicant, designed the label of a crunch bar to reflect his job history in a creative way. The bar's tagline reads, "Credentials that will satisfy any organization's appetite." The back of the treat label has information like the skills he possesses, depicted in the form of ingredients。“Nick”,这位求职者,设计了一条巧克力棒来反应他的职业历史。这条巧克力的标语上写道,“拥有可以满足一切公司需求的证书”。在背面以配料的方式写着他的个人信息诸如他所拥有的技能。   This unique résumé apparently scored Nick the job, but I wonder if eating the chocolate influenced the hiring manager in any way。这份独特的简历显然为Nick找到了工作。但我很怀疑吃这么块巧克力是否影响到了那位人事部经理的决策。   Hand-Sewn手缝制品   Nothing reflects care more than handmade items, so this hand-sewn résumé created by Melissa Washin is guaranteed to catch a recruiter's attention!没有什么比手工制品更能显示关心了,所以这份由Melissa Washin制作的手缝简历必定会吸引招聘者的注意力!   Google Search Results谷歌搜索结果   Given that Google is the most popular site on the web, Eric Gandhi's use of its search results page for a résumé is extremely smart。考虑到谷歌是网络上最流行的站点,Eric Gandhi利用谷歌搜索结果页面来做简历的这个点子显得极其聪明。   Amazon Profile亚马逊产品资料   Web product manager Philippe Dubost created this "Ama-zing" résumé that looks exactly like an Amazon product page。网络产品经理Philippe Dubost创作了这份“惊人”的简历。它看起来就像亚马逊的产品介绍页面。   What's cool about this résumé is that the links are actually active and clicking on them takes you to different places. For example, clicking on his name in the listing takes you to his LinkedIn profile。这份简历最酷的一点在于,上面的链接都是真的可以点的。只要你点击它们就会把你带到不同的地方。比如说,在列表上点击他的名字就会把你带到他的LinkedIn主页上。   The "product reviews" are also a great touch. His former employers have left reviews on his performance in an Amazon-style format。“产品评论”也是个非常棒的玩意儿。他的前雇主以亚马逊风格格式为他的表现留下了评论。   The Infographic信息图表   Hagan Blount's infographic résumé is chock-full of information and guaranteed to draw the attention of any recruiter. The graphic résumé is filled with stats and graphics, and it even has a little sticky note on the top right for recruiters to pen their thoughts.Hagan Blount的这份信息图表式的简历上塞满了信息,并且确保能吸引一切招聘者的眼球。在这份图表式的简历上充满了数据和图表,甚至在右上角有一块记事贴以供招聘者写下他们的想法。   Interactive YouTube Video交互式的Youtube视频   Graeme Anthony found himself unemployed and decided to do something about it — film an interactive YouTube résumé.Graeme Anthony发现自己失业了,并且决定为此做些什么——制作一个交互式的Youtube简历。   The video highlights his social media and creative genius. For starters, after a 30-second intro, Anthony inserted five hyperlinks for viewers to find out more about him. Depending on which one you choose, you can view his video versions of the "about me," portfolio, skills, time line, and contact details usually found on paper résumés。这个视频突出了他的社交媒体和创造才能。作为开胃菜,在一段30秒的介绍后,Anthony插入了5条超链接供观众了解更多他的信息。基于你所选的选项,你可以查看视频版的“关于我”、作品选辑、技能、时间轴以及联系方式这些经常能在纸质版简历上看到的东西。   QR Code二维码   This clever Vimeo résumé by Victor Petit employs the use of QR code technology to further engage its watchers.Victor Petit制作的这份聪明的Vimeo简历使用了二维码技术来进一步吸引观众。   Google Maps谷歌地图   This interactive résumé is hosted on the popular web-mapping site Google Maps。这份交互性的简历寄存在流行的网络地图站点谷歌地图上。   Ed Hamilton, a freelance copywriter, created a CV using Google Maps and used pushpins to call out specific job experiences and quirky sidenotes. One pin reads, "As an in-house writer at Virgin Media, I helped launch one of the UK's biggest companies by writing DM packs, audio scripts, and letters from Richard Branson himself.Ed Hamilton,一位自由撰稿人,用谷歌地图创造了这么一份简历,利用图钉标出了他的工作经历并加了旁注。一个图钉上写着:“作为Virgin Media的一位内部作者,我通过编写DM包、音频脚本帮忙创建了英国最大的公司之一。还有理查德·布兰森亲自写的一份信。”   "My proudest moment, however, was asking the media mogul why he looks so much like a lion."“然而,我最自豪的时刻,是调侃这位媒体大亨为什么他的脸看上去那么像一只狮子。”   PinterestPinterest(照片分享网站)   Jeanne wanted a job at the hot social-media network start-up Pinterest so much that she created a living résumé on a Pinterest board in hopes of catching its attention. Each pin on her "JEANNE | for Pinterest!" board takes readers to Tumblr links that explain her job history, such as her previous work experience at Yahoo! and Accenture.Jeanne非常想在当下火热的社交媒体新贵Pinterest工作,因此她在Pinterest版面上创建了一份实时的简历。每个“JEANNE | for Pinterest!”的标签都引导读者转向解释了她的工作历史的Tumblr链接,比如她曾经在雅虎和埃森哲的工作经历。   Facebook ProfileFacebook主页   Using the Facebook profile format for your résumé is another way to turn a popular site to your advantage. Sabrina Saccocio's Facebook CV is not only creative, but it also has all the information an employer is looking for: contact details, education, references, work experience, and more。利用Facebook主页的格式来制作简历是另一种将流行网站转变为你的竞争优势的方法。Sabrina Saccocio的Facebook简历不但很有创造性,还包括了招聘者想要的一切信息:联系方式、教育背景、推荐信、工作经历等等。   Facebook WallFacebook留言板   The second page of Saccocio's résumé mimics a Facebook wall, and the testimonials are basically professional feedback on what it's like to work with her.Saccocio的简历的第二页模仿了Facebook留言板。评论主要是关于和她工作会是什么样的专业反馈。